May 31, 2012

Getting Closer

If everything goes as planned, and I hope it does, in seven weeks time I will be able to hold my second child. I am very ecstatic about it. I love her dearly already just as much as I love Skye.

Yesterday morning I was at my doctor's clinic for a routine prenatal check-up. I'm on my 31st week. I'm surely getting there. I'm starting to feel so much pressure on my bladder due to my growing baby. Seriously, I have to do a potty break ever so often and it is the least thing I want to keep doing. My center of gravity has shifted significantly and I now, no matter how hard I try not to, waddle like a mother duck. I also have this pain in my crotch (couldn't find a better word) especially at night. My hands and feet, not to mention my nose, are starting to swell. I'm giving my rings no more than 2 weeks more of residency on my fingers and they have to say adios.  Jeff is not going to like it

Anyways, below is a photo of the fetal monitoring equipment at my doctor's clinic. It looks outdated to me.

How old do you think this machine is?

And here's my belly!

During this visit, I am 66 kilograms (145 pounds). I've tried my best not to grow as huge as I was last time but it looks like I'm heading the same path again. Oh well, as long both me and my baby are doing okay, I don't mind gaining an extra more weight in the next seven weeks.

I will attempt a second shot at maternity self-portrait sometime. Wish me luck!


May 29, 2012

Photography: Senior Portrait

I did my first senior portrait, with Ms. Leah Rogers, on April 29, 2012. The weather that day was perfect. A big thank you to Shana, Leah's equally beautiful mommy, for giving me a chance to work with her daughter.

I'm too far behind in posting these photos but here they are!

My belly is way too big at this point to do a shoot. However, as soon as my little one is out and I'm back in shape I will be doing shoots again.

May 26, 2012


I have been overly anal about everything today. From keeping the house organized and clean to sorting out all the files in my computer. Oh yeah, have you found yourself browsing through your files, particularly the photos, and came up with so many copies of one file? Well, I'm in that situation and it's driving me nuts!
I blame this (photo clutter) on having one too many electronic devices. For real! I don’t see the need for having an iPhone and an iPad but I ended up with having both. Plus there’s my trusted point and shoot Sony camera.
I have way too many photos taken from all three devices. Some have been copied to my laptop several times and others have been residents in one or two of these devices for some time. I’ve started sorting out some of the photos (renamed, updated properties, moved to correct folder and backed up). My goal is to sort everything out by Monday.


May 21, 2012

Upcycling: Maternity Jeans To Skirt

How was your weekend?

I can say I've spent mine productively. On Saturday (19th) I went downtown with my mom, and my daughter, and bought a bunch of yarn for crocheting. No, they're all hers. I wish I know how to crochet! Maybe I'll venture on that hobby in the future but I'll concentrate on sewing first. I bought a couple of shirts that are on sale from Tom Tailor boutique. Their clothes (and everything they have) are expensive! I need the shirts though for my growing belly. I noticed most of my tops barely cover my belly button now. I look funny!

Sunday was spent doing laundry and house cleaning. I was so proud of myself because on top of doing both, I was able to go to the grocery store. But by the time I got home and resumed cleaning, I felt so beat. When my husband came home from work, as tired as he was, he mopped the floors for me. That’s one of the countless things I love about being married, a helping hand!

On to the real intent of this post which is to show off my latest upcycling project. I have five maternity jeans I purchased from our local Thrift Store during the first trimester of my pregnancy. They all still fit. However, recently I find two of them hard to pull up past my growing legs. I didn’t want to put them away for the rest of my pregnancy so I decided to upcycle them into skirts. I love wearing skirts especially in the summer.

Below are the pictures of my new favorite skirts.

The piece of fabric I used with this was from my mother-in-law.
I turned both into this adorable (it is to me) skirt.
And here's another one. I purchased the cotton fabric
I used on this one from our local Thrift Shop.
And here's a snapshot of my 29 weeks belly.
I definitely love my skirt. The best thing about them is they are so comfortable to wear the whole day. The waist band, which I did not alter, provides that much needed support.


May 20, 2012

Microwave Disaster

My husband has already left for work when I came back home from dropping my daughter off at school. I was starving and craving for sandwich and went on to making one for myself. I love cream cheese but the one we have is packed in a foil and not in a resealable container. This, I assume, is the reason why it is a little too hard. I wanted it a little softer and stuck it inside the microwave. I totally forgot that foil and has no place inside the microwave. I panicked and froze when I saw sparkling fires. I must have stood for about five seconds before turning off the microwave. What a way to start my day!

May 19, 2012

Upcycling: Onesie To Dress

I did another upcycling project two days ago. I was inspired by this tutorial. I have donated most of my daugther's sleeveless and shortsleeves onesies but I have some longsleeves ones left from last winter and worked on them.

I'm proud to show you the result!

A size 24M Carter onesie and a fabric given by my mother-in-law.
(Drums rolling) I love those side pockets!
I made another one out of an H&M 18M-24M size longsleeves onesie.
And here's my little girl happily wearing
her new dress. She loves it!

 If you are interested to sew, there are tons of tutorial on the web. You just have to have the determination to learn. Happy sewing!

May 18, 2012

Photography: Bohemian Inspired

This is a post I published in February 2012 from my deleted photography blog. I have decided to put everthing here. Right! What made me think managing more than one blog is easy?!

This month has been pretty busy but I loved it! For one I was able to work with my girlfriends' daughters for my first ever themed shoot. Working with six teenage girls, I thought, would very hard. It wasn't although I admit that it was challenging. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. Kudos to the girls who braved the cold (we shoot this with the weather at 41 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature.
I don't know how other photographers would have done but this is how I managed to went through the whole session without delay. First, I took solo photos of each of the girls.

 Second, I asked them to pair up.


Then, I instructed them to divide the group into two.


Finally, I took some snaps of them as a group.


I am thinking of doing another themed shoot in summer once I come up with an idea. Any suggestions?


2 Going On 6

Oftentimes I'm the one who drop off and pick up my daughter at the school. School here means the day care center but my husband and I have always referred to it as school because it is a place of learning. Our routine has always been pretty much unchanged until this morning. Instead of giving me a tight hug and a couple of kisses, Skye went straight to where her classmates were. I had to beg her to come back for my kiss. When I was about to leave, we made eye contact and I waved goodbye. She just looked at me.

I am heart-broken.

It hit me that my daughter is probably at the stage where affection from me (or her dad) shown in public, especially in front of her classmates and friends, becomes embarrassing. I am so not ready for this. She is still and always will be a baby to me.

May 17, 2012

Upcycling: Shirt To Strappy Dress

Yesterday, after my closet-cleaning success, I upcycled one of my shrunken shirts into a Strappy Toddler Dress inspired by this. Isn't it adorable? I still don't know how to make a braided strap so I opted for the simple regular straps which perfectly work as well. I, however, will do this project next time with the braided strap.

I’ve become a DIYer ever since I found out my little bundle of joy on the way is another girl. A huge blessing because I have spent way less than I would have on clothes for my 2-year old. Since I started, in February this year, sewing clothes I have probably spent between $20 to $30 only on my daughter’s clothing. I am not kidding! That amount by the way was spent on fabrics and second-hand clothing I purchased from our local Thrift Shop. That’s money-saving right there.

Anyways, let me go back to the shirt. I have three L.O.G.G. longsleeve t-shirts I purchased from H&M store downtown two years ago. They are size 13-14Y in colors green stripes, pink and yellow. I decided to work on the green striped shirt first because it’s the color combo I liked the least. If I make a mistake then I wouldn’t feel too bad about wasting the fabric.

I’m so proud of the result! Pictures below.

This was my shrunken 13-14Y size shirt..

This is how it looks now.

And I have a happy little girl
giving a "cute face".

This is a very simple DIY project. Try it!

May 16, 2012

Cleaning Up Closets

I finally came around to cleaning up mine, Jeff and Skye’s closets. You bet! I have been putting this task aside for a while. As much as I wanted to just hit the bed and snore my behind away, I’m giving myself a little pat on the shoulder because I’ve crossed one task off my list.

Last night, I started with my closet. I got reacquainted with a few of my longsleeve tees that unfortunately have shrunk at this point in my pregnancy. I have put them aside and plan to upcycle into Skye’s skirts. My shorts, skirts and jeans have shrunk to the size of my leg and will be stuck where they currently are. What a shame because the weather is getting warmer. I love wearning shorts and skirts during the summer because they are very comfy. With this in mind, I will be upcycling two of the maternity jeans I bought from the Thrift Store into skirts!

Although I woke up late this morning, and failed to drop Skye off at the day care center before eight o’ clock, I still pretty much manage to start my day a little earlier.
I would say only 10-15 of these clothes
fit my current pregnant frame.

I long for the day when I'll see pink
colored shirts in my husband's closet!

On average, I fix my daughter's closet
twice a week.

With the closet-cleaning task done, I can now relax and move on to the next house-cleaning task on my list!

May 14, 2012

Kiss the Booboo Away

I have been diagnosed with Asthma since I was a child. Although my condition is not as severe as others may have, I still suffer every time I have an attack. It has always been my wish that my children won’t have the same medical condition.

My daughter, Skye, is only 2-year old and the last time I brought her to the doctor (wheezing and all), I was told that they will not be able to diagnose her until she’s 5 years old. For now, every time she has asthma-like symptoms the medical term for her condition is called respiratory infection. The last time Skye was hospitalized for this respiratory infection she was treated for three days at Leopoldina Hospital. I was traumatized by the hospital experience that the first thing I relentlessly requested from Skye’s health care provider at the garrison health clinic was to provide me a prescription for a nebulizer.

Our health insurance, TriCare, paid for the cost of  PARI BOY® mobile S. This small machine back in December 2010 costs approximately €360.

Quietly sitting during her treatment yesterday afternoon.
Last night and this morning I had to treat her again. Hopefully she won’t be wheezing and coughing anymore tonight. It pains me so much seeing her sick. If only mommy can just kiss her booboo away!

May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This is my first post.

I once read somewhere that if you are not a writer and desperately want to write (can you sense my desperation?) - you just have to write whatever it is that comes to mind. Do not filter. Do not spell check. Worry about the grammar later. Do not even try using uncommon words just to make yourself sound genius. Yeah, right! So let me give it a try.

This is the first entry to this blog. A little over a month ago, I talked to my husband about starting a new blog. I have already started one about my newly discovered passion, photography, and would like to start writing about us, our life in the military, our darling daughter, and the little one on the way. He gave his support as always and so here I am sitting in front of the computer and typing words away.
I am tempted to copy and repost the first entry in my photography blog just so I won't have to write further. However, my stubborn self is being righteous. I have to practice writing anyways.
Mother's Day!
I'm a day late but I'm a firm believer of the phrase "better late than never". To all the mothers in the whole world, kudos to us for embracing one of the most difficult and challenging job there is. Let's all give ourselves a little pat on the shoulder for all our hardwork.
My daughter together with my mom.
To my dearest mother who raised me and my three sisters the best way she could, I owe you a lot. I may not be vocal about it but I love you. Thank you for everything!
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