May 18, 2012

2 Going On 6

Oftentimes I'm the one who drop off and pick up my daughter at the school. School here means the day care center but my husband and I have always referred to it as school because it is a place of learning. Our routine has always been pretty much unchanged until this morning. Instead of giving me a tight hug and a couple of kisses, Skye went straight to where her classmates were. I had to beg her to come back for my kiss. When I was about to leave, we made eye contact and I waved goodbye. She just looked at me.

I am heart-broken.

It hit me that my daughter is probably at the stage where affection from me (or her dad) shown in public, especially in front of her classmates and friends, becomes embarrassing. I am so not ready for this. She is still and always will be a baby to me.

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