May 16, 2012

Cleaning Up Closets

I finally came around to cleaning up mine, Jeff and Skye’s closets. You bet! I have been putting this task aside for a while. As much as I wanted to just hit the bed and snore my behind away, I’m giving myself a little pat on the shoulder because I’ve crossed one task off my list.

Last night, I started with my closet. I got reacquainted with a few of my longsleeve tees that unfortunately have shrunk at this point in my pregnancy. I have put them aside and plan to upcycle into Skye’s skirts. My shorts, skirts and jeans have shrunk to the size of my leg and will be stuck where they currently are. What a shame because the weather is getting warmer. I love wearning shorts and skirts during the summer because they are very comfy. With this in mind, I will be upcycling two of the maternity jeans I bought from the Thrift Store into skirts!

Although I woke up late this morning, and failed to drop Skye off at the day care center before eight o’ clock, I still pretty much manage to start my day a little earlier.
I would say only 10-15 of these clothes
fit my current pregnant frame.

I long for the day when I'll see pink
colored shirts in my husband's closet!

On average, I fix my daughter's closet
twice a week.

With the closet-cleaning task done, I can now relax and move on to the next house-cleaning task on my list!


  1. Good job! :) I love a man in pink. My husband has a long sleeve button up shirt in light pink. It's from H&M. He's only worn it twice though in the past year! :(

    1. That's great! At least he has worn it. My husband won't even let me buy one. Not yet :)


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