May 26, 2012


I have been overly anal about everything today. From keeping the house organized and clean to sorting out all the files in my computer. Oh yeah, have you found yourself browsing through your files, particularly the photos, and came up with so many copies of one file? Well, I'm in that situation and it's driving me nuts!
I blame this (photo clutter) on having one too many electronic devices. For real! I don’t see the need for having an iPhone and an iPad but I ended up with having both. Plus there’s my trusted point and shoot Sony camera.
I have way too many photos taken from all three devices. Some have been copied to my laptop several times and others have been residents in one or two of these devices for some time. I’ve started sorting out some of the photos (renamed, updated properties, moved to correct folder and backed up). My goal is to sort everything out by Monday.


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