May 14, 2012

Kiss the Booboo Away

I have been diagnosed with Asthma since I was a child. Although my condition is not as severe as others may have, I still suffer every time I have an attack. It has always been my wish that my children won’t have the same medical condition.

My daughter, Skye, is only 2-year old and the last time I brought her to the doctor (wheezing and all), I was told that they will not be able to diagnose her until she’s 5 years old. For now, every time she has asthma-like symptoms the medical term for her condition is called respiratory infection. The last time Skye was hospitalized for this respiratory infection she was treated for three days at Leopoldina Hospital. I was traumatized by the hospital experience that the first thing I relentlessly requested from Skye’s health care provider at the garrison health clinic was to provide me a prescription for a nebulizer.

Our health insurance, TriCare, paid for the cost of  PARI BOY® mobile S. This small machine back in December 2010 costs approximately €360.

Quietly sitting during her treatment yesterday afternoon.
Last night and this morning I had to treat her again. Hopefully she won’t be wheezing and coughing anymore tonight. It pains me so much seeing her sick. If only mommy can just kiss her booboo away!


  1. Kaluoy ni Skye oi. Tungod pud tingali sa weather Joy kung naa mo sa tropical na country kay maibsan ang asthma. Dri raman pud ko sa Norway na diagnose and felt very sad about it. Mu tukar kung tugnaw.

  2. That was a try Joy. It worked!!!hehehe!

    1. Rhuby, yes it worked! Yehey! Akong asthma is still the same mainit or matugnaw. But I noticed, it's gotten better (?) as I got older. I hope mag-permanente. Take care of yourself and stay warm kay tugnaw na sad kaayo.


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