May 18, 2012

Photography: Bohemian Inspired

This is a post I published in February 2012 from my deleted photography blog. I have decided to put everthing here. Right! What made me think managing more than one blog is easy?!

This month has been pretty busy but I loved it! For one I was able to work with my girlfriends' daughters for my first ever themed shoot. Working with six teenage girls, I thought, would very hard. It wasn't although I admit that it was challenging. Thank you to everyone who made this happen. Kudos to the girls who braved the cold (we shoot this with the weather at 41 degrees Fahrenheit) temperature.
I don't know how other photographers would have done but this is how I managed to went through the whole session without delay. First, I took solo photos of each of the girls.

 Second, I asked them to pair up.


Then, I instructed them to divide the group into two.


Finally, I took some snaps of them as a group.


I am thinking of doing another themed shoot in summer once I come up with an idea. Any suggestions?


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