May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This is my first post.

I once read somewhere that if you are not a writer and desperately want to write (can you sense my desperation?) - you just have to write whatever it is that comes to mind. Do not filter. Do not spell check. Worry about the grammar later. Do not even try using uncommon words just to make yourself sound genius. Yeah, right! So let me give it a try.

This is the first entry to this blog. A little over a month ago, I talked to my husband about starting a new blog. I have already started one about my newly discovered passion, photography, and would like to start writing about us, our life in the military, our darling daughter, and the little one on the way. He gave his support as always and so here I am sitting in front of the computer and typing words away.
I am tempted to copy and repost the first entry in my photography blog just so I won't have to write further. However, my stubborn self is being righteous. I have to practice writing anyways.
Mother's Day!
I'm a day late but I'm a firm believer of the phrase "better late than never". To all the mothers in the whole world, kudos to us for embracing one of the most difficult and challenging job there is. Let's all give ourselves a little pat on the shoulder for all our hardwork.
My daughter together with my mom.
To my dearest mother who raised me and my three sisters the best way she could, I owe you a lot. I may not be vocal about it but I love you. Thank you for everything!


  1. This post is a perfect start to a new blog! You are not a day late ... it is still Mother's Day here in the U.S. Hehe. :)


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