May 21, 2012

Upcycling: Maternity Jeans To Skirt

How was your weekend?

I can say I've spent mine productively. On Saturday (19th) I went downtown with my mom, and my daughter, and bought a bunch of yarn for crocheting. No, they're all hers. I wish I know how to crochet! Maybe I'll venture on that hobby in the future but I'll concentrate on sewing first. I bought a couple of shirts that are on sale from Tom Tailor boutique. Their clothes (and everything they have) are expensive! I need the shirts though for my growing belly. I noticed most of my tops barely cover my belly button now. I look funny!

Sunday was spent doing laundry and house cleaning. I was so proud of myself because on top of doing both, I was able to go to the grocery store. But by the time I got home and resumed cleaning, I felt so beat. When my husband came home from work, as tired as he was, he mopped the floors for me. That’s one of the countless things I love about being married, a helping hand!

On to the real intent of this post which is to show off my latest upcycling project. I have five maternity jeans I purchased from our local Thrift Store during the first trimester of my pregnancy. They all still fit. However, recently I find two of them hard to pull up past my growing legs. I didn’t want to put them away for the rest of my pregnancy so I decided to upcycle them into skirts. I love wearing skirts especially in the summer.

Below are the pictures of my new favorite skirts.

The piece of fabric I used with this was from my mother-in-law.
I turned both into this adorable (it is to me) skirt.
And here's another one. I purchased the cotton fabric
I used on this one from our local Thrift Shop.
And here's a snapshot of my 29 weeks belly.
I definitely love my skirt. The best thing about them is they are so comfortable to wear the whole day. The waist band, which I did not alter, provides that much needed support.


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