May 19, 2012

Upcycling: Onesie To Dress

I did another upcycling project two days ago. I was inspired by this tutorial. I have donated most of my daugther's sleeveless and shortsleeves onesies but I have some longsleeves ones left from last winter and worked on them.

I'm proud to show you the result!

A size 24M Carter onesie and a fabric given by my mother-in-law.
(Drums rolling) I love those side pockets!
I made another one out of an H&M 18M-24M size longsleeves onesie.
And here's my little girl happily wearing
her new dress. She loves it!

 If you are interested to sew, there are tons of tutorial on the web. You just have to have the determination to learn. Happy sewing!


  1. Nice sewing Joy, good job. You are very creative. You have the knacks of doing things. You are really an artist.


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