May 17, 2012

Upcycling: Shirt To Strappy Dress

Yesterday, after my closet-cleaning success, I upcycled one of my shrunken shirts into a Strappy Toddler Dress inspired by this. Isn't it adorable? I still don't know how to make a braided strap so I opted for the simple regular straps which perfectly work as well. I, however, will do this project next time with the braided strap.

I’ve become a DIYer ever since I found out my little bundle of joy on the way is another girl. A huge blessing because I have spent way less than I would have on clothes for my 2-year old. Since I started, in February this year, sewing clothes I have probably spent between $20 to $30 only on my daughter’s clothing. I am not kidding! That amount by the way was spent on fabrics and second-hand clothing I purchased from our local Thrift Shop. That’s money-saving right there.

Anyways, let me go back to the shirt. I have three L.O.G.G. longsleeve t-shirts I purchased from H&M store downtown two years ago. They are size 13-14Y in colors green stripes, pink and yellow. I decided to work on the green striped shirt first because it’s the color combo I liked the least. If I make a mistake then I wouldn’t feel too bad about wasting the fabric.

I’m so proud of the result! Pictures below.

This was my shrunken 13-14Y size shirt..

This is how it looks now.

And I have a happy little girl
giving a "cute face".

This is a very simple DIY project. Try it!

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