May 31, 2012

Getting Closer

If everything goes as planned, and I hope it does, in seven weeks time I will be able to hold my second child. I am very ecstatic about it. I love her dearly already just as much as I love Skye.

Yesterday morning I was at my doctor's clinic for a routine prenatal check-up. I'm on my 31st week. I'm surely getting there. I'm starting to feel so much pressure on my bladder due to my growing baby. Seriously, I have to do a potty break ever so often and it is the least thing I want to keep doing. My center of gravity has shifted significantly and I now, no matter how hard I try not to, waddle like a mother duck. I also have this pain in my crotch (couldn't find a better word) especially at night. My hands and feet, not to mention my nose, are starting to swell. I'm giving my rings no more than 2 weeks more of residency on my fingers and they have to say adios.  Jeff is not going to like it

Anyways, below is a photo of the fetal monitoring equipment at my doctor's clinic. It looks outdated to me.

How old do you think this machine is?

And here's my belly!

During this visit, I am 66 kilograms (145 pounds). I've tried my best not to grow as huge as I was last time but it looks like I'm heading the same path again. Oh well, as long both me and my baby are doing okay, I don't mind gaining an extra more weight in the next seven weeks.

I will attempt a second shot at maternity self-portrait sometime. Wish me luck!


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