June 27, 2012

Goodbye Pull-ups!

When I was pregnant with my first daughter, I decided I will be using cloth diapers. I remember spending over $200 on organic diapers that I ordered online. However, I never got to use a single one of them when my daughter finally arrived. Too lazy? I admit using disposable diapers is very convenient but the cost... IMPRACTICAL. My daughter has been using disposable diapers since day one. I would like to calculate how much we've spent on diaper alone since the day she's born but it will probably give me a heart attack. We must have spent a lot. Oh yes, we spent a lot.

Summer last year, during our vacation to the Philippines, my first try at potty training my daughter resulted in a failure. She was 17 month old at that time and just started learning to walk on her own. I know! She's a late walker.

April this year was when I gave the training another go. April 9, a Monday, to be exact, was the first day I dropped her off at the day care center without pull-ups. Her teachers, however, make her wear pull-ups during nap time but eventually stopped doing so after three weeks. I have to mention that during her whole training period at the day care center, she's only had two accidents. So, technically, my daughter has been 80% potty-trained. The 20% is due to the fact that at night she still wears pull-ups although for the past month her diaper is always dry in the morning.

Last night, I sat down and talked to my daughter and explained to her that daddy and mommy have decided to stop buying pull-ups and that she will no longer be wearing one to bed. I thought her "YES" and "OKAY" were meant to finish the conversation. To my surprise, she didn't pee in the bed at all. She must have been ready long time ago. I am so proud of her. She, at 2 years and 9 months, is now officially potty-trained.

She doesn't like her pictures taken early in
the morning. Here, with her lovey, Bunny.

By the way, the bubble skirt she is wearing used to be a dress (for myself) that I bought from Macy's. The neckline of the dress was badly sewn and the neck lining came off after a single wash. I tried fixing it but gave up and ended up upcycling it into a skirt for my daughter.

Ooopppssss... before I totally go out of topic, I have to say this...

Goodbye pull-ups!

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