June 18, 2012

Label Your Craft

A week or two ago, I posted a photo of the chenille fabric that I ordered from Amazon. You can find the post here. It took me longer than usual to work on my burp cloth project because I waited for my labels.

Yes! I ordered my own clothing label. I have been very excited since the day I placed my order through a Hong Kong based company called Fancyweaver. They shipped my order on the 5th of June. Yesterday, I finally got a parcel in the mail.

My husband picked this up for me!
Here they are, my own labels!
I love how my labels came out. These are very good quality labels. They are woven. Yes, there will be no fading. Per my request from the vendor, all sides are finished so that I do not have to fold them before sewing on to my projects. I wish though that I have chosen a different background (and maybe a font) but I love its simplicity. Black and white written in a clear font.


Retaso in my native dialect (which is bisayan, a dialect spoken in most regions in Mindanao, Philippines) means scrap, remnant, oddments or cut out pieces of fabric, paper, or sheet of metal. Since I started sewing using scraps of fabric that I got from our freecycle center and those that my mother-in-law had mailed to me, I found RETASO the best suitable name for the projects I have done. REuse. REcycle. REpurpose.

So with my labels in hand, I went into sewing right away. Project - burp cloths for my unborn baby. I was inspired by this tutorial and look how pretty my burp cloths turned out to be!

I used half of my chenille fabrics, in white and pink, for this project.
I made a total of 12 burp cloths, 6 in pink and 6 in white.
And there are my labels!
The flannel fabric I used is a bundle of Carter's 4-piece receiving blanket (size 30" by 40"). I used three pieces each with an 8" by 40" left over which I kept for future projects. I still don't have any idea what to make out of them but I'm sure I'll find some inspiration online.

What project have you done or will do this week?

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