June 7, 2012


I had two hours of sleep early last night which renders me totally awake right now. I need to stop taking short naps after seven in the evening. I don’t like being up the whole night and end up very tired the next day. Two days ago, I worked on a maternity dress for myself until 4 o’clock in the morning. I would not have gone to bed had my daughter not woken up and told me, “Mommy, let’s take a nap.” As a consequence of staying up late, I overslept and failed to bring my baby girl to school on time. Whew! And here I am again. Talk about prioritizing! I seem to have gone downhill on this one. I'm blaming my hormones.

Earlier this week I received the items I ordered from Amazon. Most of them are sewing accessories. I am still crazy about sewing. I’ve been sewing clothes for my daughter like there’s no tomorrow. I will be making burp cloths and baby blankets out of those Chenille fabrics. They are very soft and absorbent at the same time. By the way, if you ever plan on making something out of this fabric, make sure to machine was and dry them first. They have the worst lints ever.

Chenille fabric in pink and white, bias tapes, 2" and 1" bias tape makers,
quilting/sewing ruler, all-purpose sewing threads in yellow, red and cyan,
cloth diaper fasterners in pink and white and Gingher scissors.
I finally got around to washing, ironing and folding the cloth diapers for our coming baby. If you plan on using cloth diapers, I highly recommend the ones made by OsoCozy. They are way thicker than the Gerber brand. I know because I have checked out the ones that are sold at our local PX.

24 pieces birdseye flat unbleached diapers from OsoCozy.
Sometime last week, since buying my sewing machine in April 2008, I read the accompanying manual for the very first time. One of things, among others, that I learned is that my machine has to be cleaned regularly. So I cleaned it for the first time!

Singer sewing machine model 2932.
Now it's time for me to hit the bed. Good morning!

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