July 25, 2012

Photography: Little Snoozer

A couple of days ago I had planned on doing a shoot with my little snoozer using the stash of photo props I have collected the past nine months. I even googled newborn photography images for some ideas. Yesterday was the day. Or so I thought. I didn't realize the hard work it takes to capture even a single photo of a newborn until I tried it yesterday.

I must have spent over an hour, close to two, trying to snap some photos of my little one. TRY was the keyword because most of the time was spent on changing diaper, feeding, and putting her back to sleep. She usually sleeps most of the day and only wakes up when hungry but yesterday was an exception I suppose. It was exhausting.

Our practice photo.
And then she sleeps... after an hour.

Head bands are courtesy of Sweet Pea Toad.

Now, it's my time to snooze off. Good night!


  1. Emerita Baptista CorpuzAugust 04, 2012

    Beautiful face!!! I feel blessed having grandchildren. Skye and Ryne are such a blessing to us!!! We parents are so blessed having children, how much more when our children have their own kids? Grand children give ultimate happiness in everyone's family. Thank you Jeff and Joy for giving us grand kids. Hope to see you soon! We miss you and love you. Take care always..

    1. You take care too Mom and thank you for being there for us all the time. See you very soon!


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