August 16, 2012

Busy Thursday

Happy Friday from Deutschland!

Yesterday, was a busy day for me. I started with a trip to the WIC (Women, Infant, Child) office. I have contacted WIC regarding my need of a breast pump when I was still at the hospital. Although, Ryne and I came late, we were attended to right away. Twenty minutes later, with an electric breast pump in my trunk, I drove to the Health Clinic for Ryne's well-baby check up. She was supposed to have had the check up at 2 weeks old. But due to the lack of available appointments at our health clinic and the recent circumstance regarding my health (you can read about it here, here and here), she had her check up at 27 days old instead.

Jeff and I brought Skye together for her first well baby appointment. Back then, I was spared the agony of watching her cry when she had her first shots. Yesterday, with Ryne, I took everything in and it wasn't easy. My poor baby!

A Stork bite! Skye had a big round Stork bite on her left leg also when she was very little but it went away before she turned a year old.

 First shot, Vitamin K. By the way, all these photos of were taken at home when Ryne was sleeping comfortably in her Boppy.

Before heading back home, which was past lunch time by the way, I picked up some packages from the mail room. Look what I got! Books for an online class I'm currently enrolled in which will start on the the 1st of September. Yay, that's in two weeks!

I haven't used my ever dependable sewing machine or my wonderful serger for the past weeks but I still intend to go back to sewing more clothes for Skye and Ryne once I get the chance. With that being said, more sewing supplies for me.

It's almost 3 o'clock in the morning. Where did this energy come from? I hear Ryne groaning again... it's feeding time.

Good morning! Have a wonderful weekend!

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