August 13, 2012

Krankenhaus, Day One

On Sunday, I was left alone at home with my kids while my husband was fulfilling his 24-hour CQ duty. I did some cleaning and took care of the laundry. I must have been too occupied with doing household chores that I didn't realize my newborn baby had way less feeding than the number of times she does during the day. She was just snoozing.

By 9 in the evening, I started feeling the pain and weakness in my joints. My whole body felt so weak. The pain in my breasts was becoming unbearable. Feeding my baby, who was very much awake after hours and hours of daytime sleep, was very painful. I couldn't help but cry from too much pain. On top of it all, no matter how many times I explained how sick mommy is, my 2-year old refused to sleep without us cuddling while I sing her Edelweiss.

At 10 in the evening, I've managed to put my girls to sleep. I was contemplating on asking my husband to come home and bring me to the hospital but instead I took a 325mg Tylenol and cried myself to sleep. Then at 1 o'clock in the morning (Monday) I woke up to the throbbing pain in both my breasts. Had my mother, who just went back to the Philippines, been home with me to watch the girls I would have gone to the ER already. It was a shot in the dark but I finally called Jeff and asked him to come. Fortunately, knowing how strict the military can be, he was allowed to come home.

We arrived at the ER of Leopoldina Krankenhaus around 2:45 in the morning and was sent to the Gynecology department on the seventh floor. My temperature was 39 degrees celsius. I was in so much pain and wanted to be seen by the doctor the soonest. Unfortunately, there was only one doctor on duty in the department and she was delivering a baby. The 45 minutes wait felt like hours. I was a total mess crying and begging the nurse to have any doctor check me. We were about to leave and head to St. Josef Krankenhaus, where I gave birth to both my kids, when the doctor finally arrived. It was such a relief when she brought me to the examining room.

I have been here at the hospital for 27 hours (as of this writing) and I'm feeling so much better now than I did 28 hours ago. I've been on antibiotic treatment and is back to breast feeding. My breasts are still swollen and tender but they no longer hurt as much when my daughter feeds.

I have to say that through all these, I have my husband to thank for. He's been taking care of me and the girls. I'm so blessed to have the most patient and caring man.

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