August 15, 2012

Krankenhaus, Day Three

Because of the events that took place yesterday and particularly last night (read about it here), against my doctor's medical advice, my husband and I decided to not spend another day at the hospital.

August 15 is a public holiday for the Feast of the Assumption of Mary in the state of Bavaria, Germany. As expected, my doctor was not around to update me with my medical condition. However, I requested a copy of my blood test result, taken in the morning, from the on-duty doctor. The CRP level in my blood has gone down by half. I was feeling way better and so off we went home.

Ryne was my constant companion during my stay at the hospital and I cherish every second we spent together alone. But I missed Skye so much!

Daddy bought her a Minnie Mouse vanity mirror.
"Oh, so this is how I look when I drink from a sippy cup."
Could this be what she's thinking?
I missed kissing these chubby little feet!

My better half did a great job of putting things together at home while I'm away. Thank you, Hon!

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