August 23, 2012

Summer Dress For Barbecue Day

I haven't been attending any of the FRG (Family Readiness Group) meetings of my husband's unit since early last year. In fact I only got actively involved during the first three months into my husband's deployment in 2010. I have nothing against the group and the Army's effort in providing support to the soldiers' families. It's just that I find it less stressful to concentrate on my family, as far away from the military as possible. So days ago when my husband told me his unit is having a mandatory Barbecue Day (yesterday), I told him I'm staying home but that he can bring Skye with him.

It was a perfect opportunity, again, to do some sewing. With the warm weather we have been having for the past days, I wanted Skye to wear something light and comfortable even while playing. I have a couple of yards of IKEA fabric that I purchased from our community thrift shop when I was still pregnant. Cost? If I'm not mistaken I got it for $5 or maybe $6.

This was supposed to be a peasant dress. Just like the polka dot peasant dress I made for Ryne. However, I didn't have a pattern and Skye was at school so I guesstimated the portions when I cut the fabric. I love how the sleeves, as a result of over-cutting the fabric, turned out. I'm imagining Skye wearing this during winter with long sleeves warmer, matching tights and mid-calf boots.

This material is lightweight but not see-through at all.

Love this fabric!

Texting her classmates while waiting for Daddy.

My husband, at my request, took some pictures of his princess for me. Unlike me, Jeff doesn't like asking people to take picture of himself or of us. He doesn't like bringing a tripod, regardless of the size. It's no wonder they came home with my camera full of Skye's but not a single picture of them together. Thank you for the effort, Hon!

Where's the barbecue?

"I want up, Daddy."

That smile is priceless!

It's time for me to catch some sleep. Have an awesome day!

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