August 20, 2012

Weekend Snipping

Summer, in our part of Germany, came late. Really late. We hit over 90 degrees Fahrenheit over the weekend. I have not checked the weather app in my iPhone but today was even hotter. Too hot! Yes, we don't have an AC. My husband and I contemplated on buying a portable AC but we find it very expensive. Plus the summer is too short so we are braving the heat and sweat. Oh, and we do not have electric fans too. Aaahhh!! I long for the cooler days. No snow for me though, please.

A while back, two weeks ago I think, my husband and I talked about cutting Skye's hair short. Not too short. Just cut it shorter. We couldn't agree on the length and the style so that conversation did not properly end. Saturday, with Jeff at the gym, I trimmed Skye's hair at last. It was the second time I cut her hair since she was born.

She's in the mood of just saying yes to mommy...

... because she has the iPad all to herself.

What say you? Not much of a difference really, huh? Jeff was fine with it. What would have freaked him out is when I had cut Skye's long bangs.

I'm glad I was back to snipping fabrics again. Yes, it has been a while and I miss sewing a lot. I have all these tutorials from different sewing blogs saved in my reading list for a while now. Something always seems to come up though whenever I start whipping up a project. Oh well, check the beautiful toddler tunic below. I got the tutorial including a free pattern from Jessica of Me Sew Crazy. You can find the direct link to the tutorial here.

My daughter will be wearing this tomorrow (happy face).

Aren't the infant peasant dresses below just adorable? I sewed them using the free pattern from Abby of Sew Much Ado. You can find the tutorial and free pattern here. The material I used for the top dress and the matching shorts/bloomer was from my mother-in-law. One of her dresses she no longer uses. The bottom dress is a cut out from my maxi maternity dress (it was way too long for my 5 foot 0 inches height).

Ryne wore these to the Welcome Baby party that my friends
gave to us a couple of weeks after we came home from the hospital.

I made this one when I was still pregnant with Ryne. Cute, yes?

Whew! It's time to hit the bed. Good night!


  1. They all turned out adorable! I love the little polka dot bottoms :). I'd love it if you added some pics to our Flickr pool (!

  2. Wow - just gorgeous! Love the peasant dresses and bloomers as well, so cute! Well done!

    1. Jessica, we need more ladies like you. Thank you for the free pattern and great tutorial.


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