September 2, 2012

Food: Fresh Melon Shake

What was made in your kitchen today?

I have been trying to include fruits in my family's diet. Melon, orange and banana frequent my household. This morning, my husband bought a medium sized melon from the commissary.

Off track, you know you are in the military when you use the word "commissary" instead of "grocery store".

Now, back to my kitchen. You've probably made a melon shake but here is how I made mine.

First, grate the melon...

... and place in a pretty container.

Second, mix a whole can of condensed milk.

Third, add at least 10 pieces of ice cubes and a cup of cold water.

Then, cover your pretty container and give it a good shake. Now, you can quench your thirst!

I just had one but I want another glass of this yummylicious melon shake!

Have a great Sunday!

1 comment:

  1. Joy, that's easy to prepare, yet, nutritious and delicious!! Love it!!


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