September 23, 2012

GAP Inspired Cherry Dress

My daughter is moving from Toddler to Pre-K class on Monday. She is turning 3 next weekend. The Toddler class curriculum is no longer suitable to her age.

I have been telling her about this matter as soon as her teacher informed me about the transition a couple of weeks ago. She will miss her classmates for sure but I know she will get along well with the other kids in her new class. And it's another learning phase for her. I'm excited for my girl!

I wanted her to wear something pretty and new tomorrow. After all, everything tomorrow will be new for her. New room. New class. New faces. New teachers. You name it! I browsed through GAP's website for inspiration days ago and came across this Belted Floral Dress. I knew right away a look-alike of this is what my daughter is going to wear on Monday.

Luckily, I have a yard of rayon fabric purchased from the fabric store downtown. It was on clearance sale for 2 euros. Below is my version of this pretty GAP dress sans the belt. I didn't have enough fabric, that's why.

I shirred the skirt and added elastic at the waist.

I like this layered hem a lot! Oopppssss... I have to sew on my label of course!

It may look pretty (in my eyes) but there was a minor problem. I cut the neckline a couple of inches wider. The solution? Pleats!

I think the pleats at the center made the bodice look more interesting. And here is the final look of my GAP inspired dress. Total cost - 2 euros and tons of love!

I can't wait to take pictures of my daughter wearing this dress tomorrow.

Have a great Sunday!


  1. Lovely dress and great work! I thought the pleats at the center makes it more distinct and authentic "Retaso". Thank you for sharing... as your follower you really inspire me. Can't wait to see Skye donning this dress.

    1. Thank you Misch! We need to take that trip to IKEA Wurzburg soon.

  2. Nice dress, nice color too!!! You're really a good artist and designer Joy!! It fits so nice on Skye, bagay na bagay sa kenya!!! Love it!!!


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