September 17, 2012

My Internet/Phone Service Ist Kaput

Kaput is a German word which means broken, useless, ruined, not working (and the list of synonyms can go on).

We have been experiencing temporary (4 to 6 hours) sporadic loss of service for the past month. This time, however, lasted longer than I expected. On Friday I called my service provider, Telepost Kabel-Service, and spoke with a technical support personnel who was not able to help me since the assistance he can provide is limited to the network interruptions only. Instead, he submitted a work order for a field technician to fix my line. I was told that the problem should be addressed in within 24 hours.

Sounds good, right? Only that this company does not have technical support on Saturdays and Sundays including holidays (which, by the way, are too many). Here comes Monday and still no service. I spoke again with the customer service representative and was told that a field technician will fix the line tomorrow (the sixth day) between 2 in the afternoon to 8 in the evening. Just great. An FYI, whether you get an uninterrupted service or not, you will be paying the same bill. They will not do any adjustment to your bill. NOT AT ALL.

But of course, there's a bright side to this. On Sunday, the girls and I trooped to our community library to use the free Wi-Fi service. I also picked up the books I reserved for my class. We borrowed a couple of cartoon DVDs and children's books as well. Thank you TKS for forcing me out of my house. I mean it.

Ooopppsss... wonder how I'm able to post this? Tethering!

Happy Monday!

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