September 26, 2012

Recycling: Men's Boxers To Ladies' Shorts

"One man's trash is another preson's treasure."

How true indeed! I am a sucker for other people's trash. Ha! Clothing, that is.

May this year was when I had the chance to clean up closets. That may have been part of the nesting stage of my pregnancy. My husband gave me a pile of boxer shorts that are all too small for him now. An obvious sign of weight gain. To him though, the boxers in question have shrunk. Funny guy!

When my husband came home from Army boot camp, he lost so much weight (from 180 to 149 pounds) that we had to buy new (2 sizes smaller) clothes for him.This picture was taken outside Glenn Park BART station in San Francisco.

Now, back to the boxer shorts. They are made out of quality fabrics. They are 100% cotton. Light and breathable.

Unaltered, I went through my pregnancy during the summer wearing these. Now that I've lost most of my pregnancy weight (I'm 115 as of this writing, 10 more pounds to go), I decided to alter them to my size. I made them shorter.

I didn't really do a lot of alteration other than lowering the waistline. So I did a lot of seam ripping. See that seam ripper? Amazing little tool!

And when all the ripping and sewing back was done, more shorts for me!

What re-purposing project have you done lately? Please feel free to share. I would love to hear it.

Have a great Thursday!

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