September 12, 2012

Review: Anh Tuan Vietnamese Restaurant

After (celebrating/hearing) the mass last Sunday, Jeff and I together with the girls trooped to Anh Tuan.

Anh Tuan is a Vietnamese restaurant located in downtown Schweinfurt. Jeff and I found this restaurant by accident (after circling around looking for a parking spot) early this year during a visit to my doctor's clinic for a routine prenatal check up. We were supposed to have lunch here right after the visit. Instead, we went against the plan and paid the 15 euros fine for parking violation.

Jeff and I are not restaurant and food expert. However, we love food and have eaten at different food venues (from fastfood to fine dining) during our trips here in Europe. I'm not a cook nor is Jeff but his cooking is way better than mine. I have to mention that he can bake too (check it here).

So, on to the review and rating.

This place is not hard to find. I would like to provide a direction here with the Schweinfurt Volkfestplatz as the starting point but I'm horrible at giving direction. If you have a GPS, key in the address below and it will bring you right to the location.

Theresienstrasse 7
97424 Schweinfurt

The place is clean although Jeff and I both agreed that there are way too many decorations inside.

And this table is very interesting!

The in-house menu (not the one in the photo) has english translation so ordering is not really hard even if you don't speak German.

The service was quick. The drinks and appetizers were served in about 10 minutes after our order was taken.

Vietnamese Spring Roll filled with Pork and Nuoc Mam Sauce
Rating: 3.5
King Prawn Soup with Mushrooms, Chilli and Lemon Leaf
Rating: 2.5
Then it's time for our main dish. I do not eat chicken or anything with wings so Jeff had the duck all to himself. I opted for a seafood dish.

Crispy Duck with Fried Rice
Rating: 4.0
Squid with Curry Sauce, Chilli, Lemon Grass and Vegetables
Rating: 3.0
Overall, we give the food a rating of 3 stars out of 5. We will definitely go back to this place.

Guten appetit!

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