September 8, 2012

Review: Snappi Cloth Diaper Fastener

This is not a paid review.

The idea of doing a review on products my family and I have been using and are going to use came to mind last night. The goal? To help consumers, like me, decide if the product is right for them.

I rely for the most part on online reviews of products especially those that I don't see in person. Remember the Brother 1034d Serger I bought a while back? You can read about it here. I read tons of reviews about it along with other serger brands before I decided on my purchase.

Now, back to the Snappi cloth diaper fasteners. I ordered a size 1 (for newborns to 18 month olds) back in June. I wrote about it here. It came with my other purchases from Amazon. Can you spot them in the photo below? They are those T-shape thing in pink and white.

I think this fastener is simply amazing. I have experienced first hand using big safety pins to fasten cloth diapers back in the days. You constantly worry about accidentally pricking a squirming baby. I have pricked my fingers several times. Ouch! And after several use, the pin loses it's shape thus the need for another pin. Did I mention that you have to use two pins every time too? Snappi solves the above mentioned difficulties (I didn't want to use the word dilemma).

Wonder how it holds the cloth diaper together? Check out those pointed teeth! My advise during diaper changing, especially when you have a squirming baby, is to place it a good distance away where the possibility of it being grabbed or kicked by your baby is next to none.

If you're worried they'll leave holes on your cloth diaper, worry no more because they do not. I love everything about this Snappi except for one thing. I already notice a tear on the lower snap and I've only been using this for 7 weeks exclusively during the day.

I just ordered a pack of size 2 (for toddlers) from Amazon.

They ship pretty fast so I expect to have my Snappi in the mail next week. I hope the one I have right now will hold up until then.

Have a great Sunday!

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