September 25, 2012

Shirred Dress and Bloomer

I should be reading right now. Really! I have a pile of books sitting right next to my computer. I am having trouble staying away from blogging these past few days. On top of that, I am in my addicted-to-sewing mood again. Can you tell?

I didn't plan on doing a sewing project today. Not until I found these among my sewing stuff.

I purchased the Dritz knit elastic, together with 2 rolls of Dritz elastic sewing thread in white and black, from Amazon weeks ago. And the fabric was from our community's local Arts & Craft store.

The resulting project? A shirred peasant dress and a matching shirred bloomer. I've tried shirring on two of my previous sewing projects using an elastic thread and they both turned out pretty. There are tons of tutorials online on shirring. After you read or watch one on YouTube, you will learn right away. Trust me!

The Dritz elastic sewing thread I used is not a thick elastic thread I've seen in some branded clothing. Although not as thick as I wanted it to be, it is pretty strong. I have not had an incident where the elastic thread broke. So I'm still happy with the product.

For the bloomer, I opted to use the Dritz knit elastic for the waist. I'm drawn to red colored things these days and this red elastic is just a perfect match for the fabric.

My sewing project is not complete without my label sewn on what I made. Although I'm not selling what I made, I always sew on a label because it feels rewarding. More about my label here. I always sew my label on the left side but for this and this bloomer, I sewed it at the back.

You guessed it! This will be my daughter's outfit tomorrow.

I need to catch up some rest for the long day (of errands) ahead. Good night and thank you for stopping by!


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