October 2, 2012

First Day in Ballet Class

Monday was a big day for Jeff and myself. It was Skye's first day at her ballet class. We felt so much pride and joy looking at our daughter's happy little face so eager to learn. I think every parent can relate to what I'm talking about.

Stretching and warming up.

Here, she is taught to do the first (feet) position.

A fast learner!

I'm not familiar with ballet terms but I remember her teacher said this is a passé.

Being taught to do arm and finger movements.

Walking en pointe.

And she managed to do a small jump with one leg in the air. Too cute! I'm such a proud mommy!

I hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. I had a very nice Wednesday indeed, watching at Skye's pictures doing the ballet lesson. I couldn't imagine how happy and proud you are!! Keep it up Skye!!! love you and miss you, Lola Emmie

    1. Hi Mom, you finally figured out how to follow my blog. Thank you!

    2. Yes Joy but not so good yet. I'm still at a lost sometimes...still learning. LOVE, MOM

  2. Good job baby girl!!! These pictures put a smile on face, and I can only imagine how she probably was giggling all the time. Keep it up Skye!

  3. Hi Joy, remember me?Searching for a nice blog and accidentally open yours. Now, I have to follow :)...Anyway, congratulation for having a cute daughter and future ballet dancer. Reminds me of my 11 y.o niece (RIP) she love's Ballet. Keep it up!

    1. Hi! I'm sure I'll remember you if you can tell me your name. Thank you and I'm sorry about your niece.


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