October 5, 2012

Operation Rising Star (USAG Schweinfurt), Week 2

If you have read most, if not all, of my posts you will know that I don't normally write about myself. It's a whole lot less difficult to write about anything else other than one's self. That's true in my case at least. But I really want to share this one. After 3 years of being just one of the cheering audience, I finally joined this year's Operation Rising Star in our garrison.

Let me be clear. I'm not in the contest to win and I said that with honesty. "Sing in a competition" is in my bucket list before leaving Germany in a few months. Now I can check it off my list! I'm well aware that I'm competing against other contestants who sing way better than I do. I know my singing ability can only bring me so far. Yes, it brought me through the first and second round and I'm very happy.

I have many people to thank for and let me begin with Wena Diaz. I'm posting these pictures up out of gratitude and appreciation of her art. If you are in the Schweinfurt area and would like to hire her for hair and make-up service, find her on Facebook.

To all my friends who screamed and cheered for me, your presence meant a lot. I look forward to seeing all of you again on Thursday. My family who, despite not being here (they're all in the Philippines), have always been my supporters, I wish you all are here cheering for me as well.

And to my wonderful husband and number 1 fan, thank you for the all out support and love. You and our girls are my inspiration. In everything. Always!

Now I'm being sentimental. Below is a video of my performance last night. I hope you'll enjoy listening!

Happy Friday!



  1. That is me her personal make-up and hair artist. And am proud to be...
    ... With all my support to you my friend.
    -wena diaz-

    1. Wena, I cant' thank you enough! See you this Thursday.


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