October 9, 2012

Review: Aeromax Child Garden Fairy Costume With Wings

My daughter's current favorite cartoon character is Tinkerbell.

So for her third birthday, Jeff and I bought her a Tinkerbell costume from Amazon.

I never have, and hopefully won't have, issues with Amazon's shipping and this arrived in my mail after about 7 days. That's really fast considering I live overseas. Can you tell how happy she is with this dress?

First off, I'm no expert in fabrics but I know a cheap and poorly constructed material. With that being said, I can confidently say this costume is made out of good quality fabric. It has a lot of details as well.

This is advertised to fit children between 4 to 6 years of age. Very true to size because this is a tad loose on my 3 year old daughter though the length is perfect. The bodice is made of two different fabrics. I'm assuming the front is satin (please correct me if I'm wrong) and the back is a stretchy knit fabric. The straps have elastics underneath. The leaves on top of the tulle, which do not go all the way around, are made of the same material as the front bodice. The underskirt is the same material as the back bodice.

The wings are very sturdy and well constructed. However, after my daughter has worn this for a good 6 hours at least during the party, I notice a tear on the wing.

Other than this little tear, the dress and the wings held up pretty good considering all the running and playing my daughter did during the party.

Overall, I'm giving this a rating of 4 out of 5.

If the weather isn't too cold, I will have my daughter wear this again for the Halloween. Not happening because our weather is around the 10s (Celsius) these days. What is your child's costume for the upcoming Halloween?

Thank you for reading.


  1. Joy, nice. What will Ryne ear for Halloween? It's fast approaching..I'm also excited for them, imagining Skye and Ryne wearing their costumes..Jeff will be holding Ryne and you will be walking with Skye!!! Okey, have a good day!! We love you and miss you...Love, MOM

    1. Thank you, Mom. Ryne will be a white baby Bear. We still don't know what Skye is going to be. I have to ask her first. Jeff said he wants to wear an Angry Bird costume. As for me, still undecided if I'll wear one :)


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