October 10, 2012

Twinkle Little Stars

I feel blessed to have some of the best things in life.

Love. Family. Laughter. Friends. Happiness. Good Health. I could go on and on and end up with a long list. But this list will not be complete without my kids in it. They are my inspiration. My life. My everything.

Every day I'm thankful for having them because one way or another, they always give me something to be happy about.

Like this one.

I recorded the audio back in May (when I was still pregnant with Ryne) during one of our daily bedtime singing routine. The photo I used for this video was taken the day after the audio was recorded. I made it this way to give voice to the face and vice versa.

I can't help smiling everytime I listen to this because Skye kept missing the second "twinkle" in the song. I just love her version! She loves it too. Too much that she sang herself to sleep.

Isn't life beautiful?!

I hope you all have something to smile and be happy about every day too.

Thank you for stopping by.


  1. Good morning..I listened from the start to end..nakatulog na yata..good job Skye!!!I love it!!! Salamat Joy. Ingat kayo lagi, MOM

    1. Hi Mom, thank you. She did fall asleep (smile). Too cute!

  2. You are so blessed Joy. And you are very creative with the video. It looks very alive with Skye's smiling face though she fell asleep while singing. :-D

  3. Her voice soothes me... Thank you for sharing.


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