November 25, 2012

A Visit to Georg Schäfer Museum

It is Monday again! How was your weekend?

To those of you who are wondering where I've been, I'm still here. I just wasn't able to post anything since Wednesday last week due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

On Saturday, the sun was out in our part of the world. It was a beautiful day! I did a photo session for a family at 10 in the morning. In the afternoon, Jeff and I took the girls to the Georg Schäfer Museum in downtown Schweinfurt. For direction, hours of operation, entrance fees and other information, check the museum's official website.

I'm not really an art person but I appreciate beautiful paintings. It always amazes me how some people have so much talent in painting.

Below are some of the photos I took.

The very first exhibit room we went in.

I like the atmosphere of this room.

I wish I understand Deutsch!
A narrative about Heinrich von Zügel, one of the famous German artists.

This was one of the paintings that caught my attention right away. Jeff, Skye and I have been to this part of Prague during a visit to the city in 2010. A month before Jeff's deployment.

Michael Neher.
Munich 1798 - 1876 Ebenda.
Blick auf den Hradschin in Prag, 1869.

Aren't they beautiful?

Beautiful paintings everywhere!

This is the only room, in the entire museum, with red painted walls.
Definitely my favorite!

During our short break. I love the timer on my camera! 

All the paintings in this room are spiritual and religious-themed.

A view, of the street, from the 3rd floor. 

Another painting that caught my attention, the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. Jeff, Skye and I visited this historic city in 2010.

Eduard Gaertner.
Berlin 1801 - 1877 Zechlin/Mark Brandenburg.
Das Brandenburger Tor, 1846.

Another room full of beautiful art!

Another room full of religious-themed art.
 Lovis Corinth.
Tapiau/Ostpreussen 1858 - 1925 Zandvoort.
Perseus und Andromeda, 1900.

One word to describe this work: AMAZING!

This room is full of beautiful portraits.

I wanted to take a picture of each and every single painting in the museum but we didn't have enough time. Not that our visit was limited though but because we were getting tired and hungry.

I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos I posted.

Thank you for stopping by!

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