November 30, 2012

Learning Basketball

I've never really been into sports except the ones I did for physical education classes back in high school and college. I have played softball, volleyball and basketball but there is none among the three that I'm really good in. However, I've always dreamed of becoming a champion swimmer. Too bad because I can't swim!

On a few occasions, I've wished that my parents had the resources to have me and my sisters trained in a sport when we were growing up. I totally understand why they were not able to though. Now that I'm a parent myself, amongst my goal is to do everything I possibly can so that my kids will be able to reach their full potential. If you are a parent, I'm sure you understand what I'm talking about.

On Thursday, my daughter's basketball practice officially started. Jeff was released from work early so we were both present at the practice. The coach for my daughter's team (white team) did not show up. Even her teammates were not around except for one. So I had her join the blue team instead.

Here, she attentively listened to the coach's instructions. I was trying to convince her to move in front but she was too shy.

Doing her dribbling drill. When she made it back to where she started, she screamed "Daddy, I did it!" We're so proud of our girl!

Waiting for her turn during the shooting drill.

And then it was her turn. She didn't get the ball in the basket but she was very determined and excitedly went for her next turn.

Here, listening to the coach and preparing to do her dribbling and shooting drill. Can you tell Jeff (with our baby in one hand) is just as excited as I was? 

And off she threw the ball!

The practice was wrapped up with a huddle. Here, they all screamed "basketball" and did high fives. The smiles in those faces are priceless!

When I signed up my daughter for basketball, I immediately started talking to her about her new activity (she is also doing ballet and acrobatics). This made her look forward to her basketball day. During the practice she had so much fun and is ready for the next practice day.

I personally think that every parent should make an effort to have their children into sports. Yes, even when they don't show an interest. This is normal especially when a child has not been introduced to the activity before. They may happen to be very good in it. If they are, can you imagine the possibilities for them? It could become a career!

Getting our kids into sports will keep them stay active at a young age. This will influence their attitude towards staying fit and healthy when they grow up.

Most importantly, they will learn the value of sportsmanship.

Have you introduced your child into sports yet? I'd like to hear yours and your child's experience.


  1. Im so proud of you Skye. And give credits and/or commendstion to your parents, Skye and Jeff. Sorry joy i cant still use my laptop. Thanks to my android phone i was able to read your blog.

    1. Hi Mom, thank you! I hope your computer gets fixed soon.

  2. You and jeff are both smart, as smart as skye is! :)


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