December 27, 2012

Travel: Rothenburg ob der Tauber

With only a month left before leaving, Jeff and I have been making the most out of every single day that we still have here in Germany.

Earlier today we took a trip to Rothenburg ob der Tauber, a medieval town in the district of Ansbach. We left Schweinfurt around 2 in the afternoon. The drive was supposedly about an hour and 45 minutes only but there was a heavy traffic on the Autobahn just outside Schweinfurt.

We were moving on a walking pace (this is not even an exaggeration) for about 2 miles before the flow of traffic became normal.

It was (a few minutes) past 4 o'clock when we finally got to the town. The weather was something we didn't like at all. It was drizzling and the temperature was 5 degrees Celcius. I'm glad we were dressed comfortably.

The photo below was taken outside Roeder Gate, one of the town gates. The wall behind us is just a portion of the long stretch of wall circling the whole town.

Below is a photo of one of the town lanes, Roedergasse.

I had to take a snap of these antique jewelries from one of the shops we passed by.

This map and information board is just one of the many strategically placed in different locations for tourists' convenience in getting from one location to another.

Don't we all love the timer feature on our camera? I always carry around a Sony point-and-shoot on ordinary days; includes running errands or even dropping Skye at school. On out of town trips, however, I bring both my Sony point-and-shoot and Nikon dslr. The dslr produces photos that are quality-wise way better than the point-and-shoot. However, I love the convenience of using a tiny tripod for my point-and-shot compared to a long, bulky, and heavy one for my dslr.

Below is a photo of Jeff, me, and the girls at the Market Square (Marktplatz). The building to the left is the Town Hall.

Our next stop was at the St. Jacobus' (Protestant) Church, the town's largest church. I wasn't able to take a photo of the church but I was able to snap one of a statue outside the church.

One of the town lanes, Klingengasse. At the end of the lane, right outside the tower, is the Klingen-Bastion and St. Wolfgang's church.

Before we continued exploring the town, we looked for the Japanese restaurant called Louvre. Jeff found their website and have read a lot of good reviews from tavel sites. I will write about our dining experience at the Louvre in a different post.

After we've checked out the restaurant we took a walk along the town wall all the way to Gallow's Gate.

It would have been nice if we walked on the wall itself. Jeff encouraged me to go up the stairs at least so I can enjoy the view but I didn't want to leave him and the girls.

Below is a photo of the Gallow's Gate taken along Galgengasse lane.

We happened to pass by a small site with a memorial stone comemmorating all the Jews who died between 1933 to 1938; during the war I assume.

More photos during our walk.

We also went inside the Dolls and Toy Museum, where Skye both had a scary and fun time.

On the way back to the Japanese restaurant I spotted this old (Vintage? Classic?) vehicle full of presents.

We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Louvre (I will write a review of our dining experience on a separate post). It was quarter past 8 in the evening when we walked out on the town streets and they were empty. The walk back to where we parked our vehicle was almost scary. Okay, okay! It was scary!

I felt very exhausted from all the walking we did that I fell asleep during the drive back home.  I was well rested by the time we saw this sign. Aaaahhhh!! It's always good to be back home.

Thank you for stopping by. Have a great weekend to all of you!

December 25, 2012

Christmas Day

Merry Christmas!

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, this Christmas is our last here in Germany. Jeff wanted to make it special for the girls so he made sure each of them have presents.

Our tiny Christmas tree, the girls' socks and the presents were all bought by Jeff yesterday. I'm one lucky wife for having a thoughtful husband.

Skye was very happy with her presents; a set of 4 16-piece Mickey and Minnie Mouse puzzle and a pair of Hello Kitty hat and gloves. Daddy sure knows what will make his baby girl happy!
Ryne looked excited too, don't you think so? Ryne's ears are not pierced yet but Jeff bought her a pair of earrings. The same ones we gave Skye for her first Christmas.
I had a present too! I felt so bad because I didn't have anything for Jeff. Hear me on this one though. We've agreed not to buy each other a present for Christmas and save the money instead. In all honesty, I didnt want anything material. I just want the 4 of us to be together, in good health, and happy.
I hope you had a Merry Christmas too!

December 22, 2012

Wuerzburg Christmas Market

Our family's destination earlier today was the christmas market in Wuerzburg.

We ditched our original plan of going to Nuremberg but we did take the train as planned. The train ride from Schweinfurt to Wuerzburg cost €18 for all four of us; 2 adults and 2 children ages between 0 to 5. We paid the same amount for the train ride from Wuerzburg to Schweinfurt. That made our total transportation expense equal to €36 which is about $48. We would probably have saved a few bucks if we drove. It was all worth it though because we promised Skye a train ride which she really enjoyed.

For those of you who live in Schweinfurt but not a walking distance away from the train station, you can drive to and park your vehicle at the station's parking area. We paid €4 for a whole day parking privilege. You can also go by the hour but if you think you will be gone for over 4 hours, I suggest you pay the whole day rate.

By the way the Schweinfurt and Wuerzburg stations have no elevator. If you are travelling with a baby and a stroller be prepared to carry both down and up several flight of stairs. Not fun at all!

We got to our platform 10 minutes early and took pictures while we waited.

Our train arrived on time at 2:18 as scheduled.

The ride to Wuerzburg took about 30 minutes.

This is a view of the street accross the train station. This is lined up with boutiques, shops, and bakeries.

This street car track reminds me of downtown San Francisco!

The walk to the Christmas market took us longer than we would normally have because the street was packed. More so inside the market place itself.

Unlike the christmas market in Schweinfurt, there were a lot of vendors at the one in Wuerzburg.

Skye, holding her shopping bag of Hello Kitty bracelets from Claire's, posing in front of the nativity scene.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend!

December 21, 2012

Layered Dress with Exposed Zipper

The last dress I made for Skye was almost a month ago. She wore it to our family photo shoot. I have been itching since then to make another dress for her but I got busy with her dance recital and my school work. The good news is I was finally able to get back to sewing.

Zippers are something that I have long wanted to incorporate in my sewing projects for some time now. I have overcome apprehension on sewing buttons but not zippers. So yesterday I courageously tackled this fear.

For yesterday's sewing project, I used a large size maternity top that I bought from the PX during last month's black Friday clearance and ...

... a Pierre Cardin longsleeves that I got from the Freecycle center months ago. FREE!

I usually play the guesstimate game as far as getting my daughter's size especially when she's not around; as was the case yesterday because she was in school. Yesterday though I used the 3T bodice and sleeves pattern I made last month.

I wanted to be a little creative with my design and this is what I came up with.

I used the sleeves of the Pierre Cardin polo for the bodice. The sleeves were big enough so I  doubled the bodice both front and back.

There goes my exposed zipper! It wasn't perfectly done but I was pleased with the outcome. Below is a (blurry) close-up view.

I mistakenly attached the sleeves on the wrong side exposing the part where the front and back bodice were sewn together. Undoing the whole thing would have taken a lot of seam ripping so I covered the exposed seam instead.

Finally, I sewed on my label.

Skye was so happy when she tried the dress on yesterday. I forgot to take pictures but below are a couple of the ones I took when she got home from school.

I can't wait to sew another one! Yes, another dress with zipper!

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