December 15, 2012

Schweinfurt Christmas Market

The Christmas season this year is the last one Jeff and I will be spending here in Germany. I'm honestly going to miss it, and everything about Germany, when we move back to the States.

Earlier today, we decided to include a trip to the Christmas market downtown in our family day itinerary. It started raining when we found a parking close to the market. I almost changed my mind but Jeff convinced me to go because it may be too cold for the kids to be out next weekend. I'm glad I did!

The building in the photo below is part of the city hall.

One of the best things about special occasion markets like this one are the food. There are so many to choose from. Popcorn, fruits, chocolates, sugar-coated nuts of different kinds, bratwurst, and many more. Oh, did I mention beer?

There are also different kinds of souvenier items.

There was a life-size Nativity scene with two live Sheep that caught Skye's full attention. She has only seen them in her books and didn't expect to actually see them alive. Even more so at the Christmas market of all places.

This year, compared to the first one we went to in 2009, the market didn't have a lot of vendors. Only a quarter of the area of the Marktplatz was occupied. Good thing the merry-go-round ride was still around this time. My loves had a pretty good ride!

For military families who are new in Schweinfurt, the Christmas market is one of the must-see events during this season. Also, there is an upcoming Carl Busch circus show in the next few weeks. We've been to one last year and are looking to watch it again this year.

Thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your weekend!

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