January 17, 2013

Transition Update: Orders

I'm back! Am I even missed?

I just want to let you all know that I'm still here. It's just that things are going too fast (but not furious) for us since we received our orders.

With two kids to take care of, transition related appointments, and two classes with weekly discussions I can't afford to miss, busy is an understatement to describe how things are for us right now. For real!

The only thing I have not missed doing as far as blogging is concerned, despite all the crazy, is my photo a day. I'll write again soon. When I get the chance!

My family and I are going through a huge transition right now. Please send well wishes and prayers our way.

January 8, 2013

Transition Update: Leave Paper

My husband got his approved transition leave from his unit yesterday. We pretty much can not do anything right now though until the orders come through. To those who do not know what an orders is, below is the definition from Army Regulation 600-8-105, page 1.

Orders are published to order individuals onto active duty or change the status of MILPER (miliraty personnel) on active duty. For example, orders appoint, assign, promote, demote, retire, separate, and authorize travel of family members.

Once the orders is released, my husband can start clearing from different offices. We will also be able to schedule an appointment with the transporation office for the pick up and shipment of our household goods and vehicle. Something I have been looking forward to doing as soon as possible.

That's about it for now. Maybe we will have the orders tomorrow!


January 4, 2013

Milestone: First Baby Food

After a month of indecision, I finally introduced baby food to Ryne. I wanted to wait until she turns 6 months but my instinct was telling me she's ready for food other than my breastmilk.

With Skye, the excitement of being a first time parent was very overwhelming. I remember wanting her to reach her milestones right away. Looking back, she probably wasn't ready yet at 4 months old when I gave her her first baby food; rice cereal. After that I fed her mostly with jarred processed food from Gerber. I wish I had given her fresh vegetables instead! Now that she's 3 years old, vegetable of any kind is the last thing she will eat. I can't help but blame myself! This is why, with Ryne, I'm doing things differently.

Buying jarred processed baby food instead of fresh vegetables is the first thing you will do at the supermarket if you are not fully committed in giving your baby freshly made baby food. After all preparing fresh food takes a lot of time. It really does!

I'd like to share how I prepared Ryne's first baby food; fresh carrot with breastmilk.

Jeff and I always buy fresh vegetables. We do no like the pre-cut, boiled, packed and frozen. I wonder how they process those but they do not taste as good as the fresh ones.

I cut this carrot in 3 parts.

Then I boiled them...

... and mashed.

The thing with carrots is you can't mash them nearly as fine as you can with potatoes. I mixed the carrots and breastmilk and blended them in the food processor until I got the consistency I wanted.

By the way, make sure that you label your milk before storing. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has an article on the guideline on handling and storing breastmilk. Check it out for more information!

On to the most rewarding part; feeding time! See those tiny fingers grabbing the bowl? I think her eyes were telling me, "Mommy, feed me already!"

I told you it takes long to prepare fresh baby food but it was all worth the time and effort. Ryne absolutely loved her food! Jeff had the pleasure of being the first to feed her.

Then it was my turn!

Mission accomplished! Next vegetable in the menu is potatoes.

When did you start feeding your baby? I'd love to hear your story!

January 2, 2013

Review: Nagaya's Sushibar & Seafood Restaurant

One of our family's destination last month was the Christmas Market in Wuerzburg. You can read more about it here.

The highlight of our trip was the delicious dinner we had at Nagaya's Sushibar & Seafood Restaurant located a short distance away from the Wuerzburg train station.

We got to the restaurant around 6 in the evening. The first thing I noticed was the very dark spacious parking area located at the back of the restaurant; not a single light post was in sight. It was a scary walk from the main street to the entrance of the restaurant (see photo below).

Nagaya's Sushibar & Seafood
Bismarckstra├če 17, 97080 W├╝rzburg, Germany
       (+49) 931 46 79 52 70
Jeff had called the restaurant earlier that day but failed to make a reservation. Most of the tables had reserviert (reserved, in english) sign on them but luckily we were given a table.

The best thing about our dining experience at Nagaya's was the delicious food at a reasonable price. Their buffet, excluding drinks, cost €17 per person. Check their website or give them a call to know more about their menu and pricing.

Overall, Jeff and I enjoyed the food. We also liked the service.

The one single thing we didn't like about this place was the strong awful odor from the toilets that you can smell the moment you step in the hallway. If Jeff and I went there without our girls we would have left the place right away and looked around for some place to eat at. Unfortunately, it started raining at that time so we chose to stay.

Even until now I can still smell the place just looking at the photo above. It has that distinct smell of a bathroom with floors that had been pissed on over and over and have never been cleaned. The worst thing about it is they tried masking the odor with citrus fragrant which made the place stank even more.

If your sense of smell is not functioning and you love sushi and seafood, this is the place to go to. Otherwise, go somewhere else.

Wordless Wednesday: Carl Busch Circus (December 2012)


January 1, 2013

Project 365 [December 2012]

Goodbye, December 2012. Hello, January 2013!

I'm wrapping up my photo a day for December 2012.With the holidays and my school finals, it was a challenge indeed keeping up with this project. I completed it though and I'm very ready for another month of photo a day.

If you are interested in doing something like this, I higly recommend following the daily prompt from Fat Mum Slim.

Happy New Year!

2012 December 31.
Day 61 of 365.
SELF-PORTRAIT {feeling sickfrom the hay dust at the circus}.

2012 December 30.
Day 60 of 365.
{giving birth to my second baby}.

2012 December 29.
Day 59 of 365.
HOT {I equate red with hot, this is how the sky looked like
for about 5 minutes around 4 in the afternoon}.

2012 December 28.
Day 58 of 365.
COLD {even with the sun out}.

2012 December 27.
Day 57 of 365.
HOW I RELAX {dining out with my family}.

2012 December 26.
Day 56 of 365.
MESS {the absence thereof, courtesy of my dear hubby}.

2012 December 25.
Day 55 of 365.
LUNCHTIME {the table was empty after a late breakfast}.

2012 December 24.
Day 54 of 365.
TRADITION {more gifts now that we have 2 girls}.

2012 December 23.
Day 53 of 365.
JOY IS {seeing my little girl's interest in my craft}.

2012 December 22.
Day 52 of 365.
DECORATION {hanging at the ceiling
of Nagaya Sushi & Seafod Restobar in Wurzburg}.

2012 December 21.
Day 51 of 365.
TREE {that my daughter made during her art class}.

2012 December 20.
Day 50 of 365.
WEATHER {hourly forecast}.

2012 December 19.
Day 49 of 365.
SOMETHING BEGINNING WITH "S" {a sewing essential}.

2012 December 18.
Day 48 of 365.
MAKES ME MERRY {my daughters' affection toward each other}.

2012 December 17.
Day 17 of 365.

2012 December 16.
Day 46 of 365.
SOMETHING I MADE {a dress for my daughter
for a family photo shoot last month}.

2012 December 15.
Day 45 of 365.
OUTDOORS {went to the Christmas market earlier today}.

2012 December 14.
Day 44 of 365.
SOMETHING GREEN {fresh Spinach for dinner}.

2012 December 13.
Day 43 of 365.

2012 December 12.
Day 42 of 365.

2012 December 11.
Day 41 of 365.
SWEET {bowl of Cap 'n Crunch cereal}.

2012 December 10.
Day 40 of 365.
UNDER {the table are my baby's chubby little legs}.

2012 December 9.
Day 39 of 365.
OUT + ABOUT {my loves playing in the snow}.

2012 December 8.
Day 38 of 365.

2012 December 7.
Day 37 of 365.
STARS {and planets that glow in the dark}.

2012 December 6.
Day 36 of 365.
WHERE I LIVE {we had sunshine and snow at 10 AM}.

2012 December 5.
Day 35 of 365.
LOOKING UP {from where I parked}.

2012 December 4.
Day 34 of 365.
BLACK + WHITE {B&W canvas on my white wall}.

2012 December 3.
Day 33 of 365.
SOMETHING I HELD {book I read to my daughter at bedtime}.

2012 December 2.
Day 32 of 365.
PEACE {sign}.

2012 December 1.
Day 31 of 365.
8 O'CLOCK {making myself my favorite hot milk chocolate}.

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