January 4, 2013

Milestone: First Baby Food

After a month of indecision, I finally introduced baby food to Ryne. I wanted to wait until she turns 6 months but my instinct was telling me she's ready for food other than my breastmilk.

With Skye, the excitement of being a first time parent was very overwhelming. I remember wanting her to reach her milestones right away. Looking back, she probably wasn't ready yet at 4 months old when I gave her her first baby food; rice cereal. After that I fed her mostly with jarred processed food from Gerber. I wish I had given her fresh vegetables instead! Now that she's 3 years old, vegetable of any kind is the last thing she will eat. I can't help but blame myself! This is why, with Ryne, I'm doing things differently.

Buying jarred processed baby food instead of fresh vegetables is the first thing you will do at the supermarket if you are not fully committed in giving your baby freshly made baby food. After all preparing fresh food takes a lot of time. It really does!

I'd like to share how I prepared Ryne's first baby food; fresh carrot with breastmilk.

Jeff and I always buy fresh vegetables. We do no like the pre-cut, boiled, packed and frozen. I wonder how they process those but they do not taste as good as the fresh ones.

I cut this carrot in 3 parts.

Then I boiled them...

... and mashed.

The thing with carrots is you can't mash them nearly as fine as you can with potatoes. I mixed the carrots and breastmilk and blended them in the food processor until I got the consistency I wanted.

By the way, make sure that you label your milk before storing. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has an article on the guideline on handling and storing breastmilk. Check it out for more information!

On to the most rewarding part; feeding time! See those tiny fingers grabbing the bowl? I think her eyes were telling me, "Mommy, feed me already!"

I told you it takes long to prepare fresh baby food but it was all worth the time and effort. Ryne absolutely loved her food! Jeff had the pleasure of being the first to feed her.

Then it was my turn!

Mission accomplished! Next vegetable in the menu is potatoes.

When did you start feeding your baby? I'd love to hear your story!

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