January 8, 2013

Transition Update: Leave Paper

My husband got his approved transition leave from his unit yesterday. We pretty much can not do anything right now though until the orders come through. To those who do not know what an orders is, below is the definition from Army Regulation 600-8-105, page 1.

Orders are published to order individuals onto active duty or change the status of MILPER (miliraty personnel) on active duty. For example, orders appoint, assign, promote, demote, retire, separate, and authorize travel of family members.

Once the orders is released, my husband can start clearing from different offices. We will also be able to schedule an appointment with the transporation office for the pick up and shipment of our household goods and vehicle. Something I have been looking forward to doing as soon as possible.

That's about it for now. Maybe we will have the orders tomorrow!



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