February 7, 2013

Beware of SCAMMERS on Craigslist

Our recent move has been successful. To all of you who wished me and my family safe travels and have been keeping us in your prayers, thank you!

The changes we had to go through, big and small, were very overwhelming. In fact, I had way too much the night we arrived at my in-laws house where we are temporarily living that I cried. That was over a week ago. Right now I am just very thankful that we have a place to stay in. We are with people who love us especially the girls.

So to all of you who are wondering how our move went, thank you for the thought. We are doing good. Now, on to the real reason that prompted me to write this post.

I have been actively looking online for jobs for the past three days, mainly on Craigslist. While still in Germany, I have seen in the news and read some online articles about the many different scams happening on this site. This should probably have convinced me from even checking the site, right? Well, not really. Not everything on Craigslist is a scam. In fact, the first job I got when I came to the United States I found through the site. Scammers will always be around and they are very creative! We just have to use good judgment. I listen to my instint at all times!

Anyways, I've responded to at least 20 job postings on Craigslist. The following day I received an auto-reply email from CSDA Architects. See my point? Not everything on the site is a scam.

When I woke up this morning there was a lone email waiting for me in my inbox. It was a response to my inquiry about an Administrative Assistant position. However, the first line of the email started with a reference to a Personal Assistant position. A scam? Definitely! Long before I finished reading the first line I knew it is one of those scams you and I are trying to avoid. Below is the full email I received.

Thanks for your response and your interest on my job offer ad. A personal assistant (PA), sometimes referred to as an executive secretary or personal/private secretary, works closely with senior managerial or directorial staff to provide administrative support, usually on a one-to-one basis. PA's help managers to make the best use of their time by dealing with secretarial and administrative tasks. I would love to meet up with you to talk about this job but I am currently on a trip to Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153 Australia. So there will be no interview for this job position for now.
PA's need extensive knowledge of their organization. They need to know who key personnel are (both external and internal) and understand the organization's aims and objectives. I need your service because I am constantly out of town on business, Show and auctions, am a collector and I love collecting old and new artwork, Antique Furniture, and lot of old stuff with history. I own artwork galleries in UK, Dubai and Italy, am opening a new gallery and Warehouse in the state by ending of May. 2013 which will be in your area that is where you will perform all your duties as my warehouse keeper/assistant. You are working for me permanently. So for the office/building, Like I said earlier, We shall get a new warehouse around you where you be performing all your duties and other, But for this month you shall be working from home and I will passing you information on what to do.

Your activities as among other things will include;
* Invoicing, managing accounts receivable and/or customer account collections;
* Purchasing needs;
* Handling and monitoring financial activities;
* Acting as an alternative telephone correspondence;
* Running personal errands, supervisions and monitoring;
* Organizing and maintaining diaries, memos and making appointments;
* Dealing with incoming email, faxes and post;
* A personal reminder for Schedules, programs, flights and keeping me up to date with them as they come up;
* General clerical activities.

Your Wage is $400 a week after tax, pay will always be regular, and any extra personal expenses (transport, gas, etc) incurred by you while on an errand or otherwise will also be reimbursed by me at the end of each working week.

I am presently in a summit in Baulkham Hills, NSW, 2153 Australia and after that i will attend my son's graduation in France,but i should probably be back to United state in twelve weeks time( Three Months)., in the mean time we will begin unofficially and on trial pending my arrival because I have a number of important things you could begin work on immediately.You shall help with buying and mailings of some basic children needs to some foster home in partnership with Action Aid International I do this Quarterly every Four month's and will want you to handle that for me.You shall be sent funds to purchase all these items and also be paid for the trial week.    Your wage remains intact even during this trial period. I hope you can be available immediately .we will arrange a meeting and set up a proper interview as soon as I return to the country.

Due to the excessive number of responses to this job Ad on Craigslist ,I will require the following details about you to filter applicants and for a personal record update;
Full Name;
Full Address:(NO P.O..BOX)
Zip Code:
Phone Number (H)
Phone Number (M)
Present Job "If Any ":
Hope to hear from you soon.
Daniel Clemmer
+61 2 8006 4724

Anyone reading this right now can very well tell this is bogus. No legitimate company or owner of one would write something like this. This is too good to be true. Thus, not true. Unreal. Bogus. Fake. Scam. Resume Bucket has an article written in November 2010 on the top 5 Craigslist job scams.
Although not exactly the same, the one I received almost has the same theme. The main purpose of the people behind this scam is to take money from us. So please exercise good judgment.

Listen to your instinct!

February 1, 2013

Project 365 [January 2013]

Goodbye, January 2013. Hello, February 2013!

Wow! Already? Where did January go? My family and I went through so many changes last month. One of which is our move from Germany back to the United States. Yes, we are very happy to be here but I miss Germany so bad.

Anyways, I may have been busy last month but I still managed to do my photo a day challenge. I've never missed a day yet since I started in November 2012. Yay for me!

2013 January 31.
Day 92 of 365.
MYSELF {at 33}.

2013 January 30.
Day 91 of 365.
DOWN {at the dressing room while hubby was trying some clothes on}.

2013 January 29.
Day 90 of 365.

2013 January 28.
Day 89 of 365.
THROUGH {the gate to our plane going back home}.

2013 January 27.
Day 88 of 365.
SUN {we had no sun the whole day; it was getting dark
outside by the time I remembered taking a picture}.

2013 January 26.
Day 87 of 365.
TOGETHER {at the farewell party thrown by our friends}.

2013 January 25.
Day 86 of 365.
LANDSCAPE {view from my friend's house}.

2013 January 24.
Day 85 of 365.
STRIPES {on the cover of one of the books I'm currently reading for a class}.

2013 January 23.
Day 84 of 365.
ELECTRIC {wires I got rid of earlier today}.

2013 January 22.
Day 83 of 365.
CORNER {there used to be a computer table where my baby's stroller
is parked; this is only half of the mess our apartment is in right now}.

2013 January 21.
Day 82 of 365.
WHAT I DO {shower this precious baby
and her sister with all my love}.

2013 January 20.
Day 81 of 365.
SOMETHING I SAW {my daughter
checking out this object at Asia World Restaurant}.

2013 January 19.
Day 80 of 365.
DELICIOUS {something I deserved
after a busy day of packing for our move}.

2013 January 18.
Day 79 of 365.

2013 January 17.
Day 78 of 365.
READY {for my routine dental cleaning}.

2013 January 16.
Day 77 of 365.
TWO THINGS {iron and ironing board}.

2013 January 15.
Day 76 of 365.
while nursing my 5-month old baby}.

2013 January 14.
Day 75 of 365.
SOMETHING YELLOW {at the pharmacy,
waiting for my number to be called}.

2013 January 13.
Day 74 of 365.

2013 January 12.
Day 73 of 365.
SURPRISE {and random thing we did
on a Saturday; eating out in the cold}.

2013 January 11.
Day 72 of 365.
WATER {in solid state}.

2013 January 10.
Day 71 of 365.
1 O'CLOCK {too busy today and forgot
to take a picture so I just wrote on a white paper.

2013 January 9.
Day 70 of 365.
PAPER {bookmark}.

2013 January 8.
Day 69 of 365.

2013 January 7.
Day 68 of 365.
STREET {dark and empty}.

2013 January 6.
Day 67 of 365.
MINE {beauty essentials}.
2013 January 5.
Day 66 of 365.
MOVEMENT {a chaotic mess inside
Takka-Tukka Adventureland in Kuenzell, Germany).

2013 January 4.
Day 65 of 365.
THE VIEW FROM HERE {I took this on my way to Ledward
Barracks while waiting for the traffic light to turn green}.

2013 January 3.
Day 64 of 365.

2013 January 2.
Day 63 of 365.
SOMETHING NEW {a tiny Hello Kitty present
my daughter received from Santa on Christmas}.

2013 January 1.
Day 62 of 365.
TODAY {the first thing I did was take care of the laundry}.

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