April 2, 2013

Project 365 [March 2013]

I have been quiet... way too quiet... for the past month. As much as I wanted to, I will hold off on the news I've been wanting to share with you. Guessing time?

How did March treat you? To me, March was the busiest I have been since coming back to California. Despite that (being busy) and all, I never missed a day taking a photo. I've been doing this challenge since November 2012 that it has become a habit. Seriously! I can't believe I have been taking a photo every single day for the past 152 days!

Below are the photos I've taken last month. Yes, every single day of March 2013.

2013 March 31.
Day 151 of 365.
STUFF {that of my 3-year old daughter}.

2013 March 30.
Day 150 of 365.
RELAX {chilling in her chair after dinner}.

2013 March 29.
Day 149 of 365.
GOODNIGHT {playtime before bedtime}.

2013 March 28.
Day 148 of 365.

2013 March 27.
Day 147 of 365.
PAIR {at my oath taking}.

2013 March 26.
Day 146 of 365.
SOMETHING I DID {ate a 6-inch Crispy Tofu Vietnamese Sandwich for lunch}.

2013 March 25.
Day 145 of 365.

2013 March 24.
Day 144 of 365.

2013 March 23.
Day 143 of 365.
WHAT I DO FOR FUN {dine out, shop, take photos, travel, and laugh with my cheeky monkey}.

2013 March 22.
Day 142 of 365.
ABOUT ME {will be officially part of this military organization soon}.

2013 March 21.
Day 141 of 365.
WORKING {baby girl working hard on her new skills; sitting and crawling}.

2013 March 20.
Day 140 of 365.
CLEAN {and empty; almost}.

2013 March 19.
Day 139 of 365.

2013 March 18.
Day 138 of 365.

2013 March 17.
Day 137 of 365.
GREEN {dress on clearance sale from Old Navy}

2013 March 16.
Day 136 of 365.
9 O'CLOCK {heating up left over rice for late dinner}.

2013 March 15.
Day 135 of 365.
EXPLORE {she likes to explore anything and everything
she gets her little chubby hands on}.

2013 March 14.
Day 134 of 365.
TASTY {the most delicious Ube hopia I've ever tasted}.

2013 March 13.
Day 133 of 365.
SOUND {Michael Bubble's song playing in the background
while hubby and I are enjoying our lunch}. 

2013 March 12.
Day 132 of 365.
IN THE DISTANCE {are endless rows of houses}.

2013 March 11.
Day 131 of 365.
IMPORTANT {day; it's my baby girl's first day in a civilian preschool}.

2013 March 10.
Day 130 of 365.
I WANT {to eat these delicious cookies covered in chocolate and macadamia nuts
but I had enough sugar and sweets today to last me for the week ahead}.

2013 March 9.
Day 129 of 365.
FACELESS SELF-PORTRAIT {during my run at the park}.

2013 March 8.
Day 128 of 365.
FAVOURITE {the most comfortable loafers I've ever owned and worn}. 

2013 March 7.
Day 127 of 365.
FEAR {darkness and the overly busy street}.

2013 March 6.
Day 126 of 365.

2013 March 5.
Day 125 of 365.
UNDER {we promised to buy her this bag for when she goes back
to preschool next week, now she has it}.

2013 March 4.
Day 124 of 365.
LUCKY {we didn't get caught in the traffic from Alameda going back to San Francisco}.

2013 March 3.
Day 123 of 365.
KEY {I wish but this bag isn't mine}.

2013 March 2.
Day 122 of 365.
I MADE THIS {hubby's pajama sewn by me last year; sharing is caring}.

2013 March 1.
Day 121 of 365.
L IS FOR "LADY" {she may be acting like one but she'll always be a baby to me}. 


  1. Awww, great pics. Wow, you are joining the Navy??

    1. Hi Camille, thank you. Have you thought about doing photo a day? It's really fun! I've been doing it since November and I haven't missed a day yet. Yes, I'm a future sailor now. I'm leaving for boot camp in mid-June this year. Can't wait!


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